What inspired the birth of my blog?

Having followed fashion blogs for a while, I sensed my style might change as I neared 29. To document and enhance it, I decided to share my outfits, making myself accountable to readers. With limited 30+ bloggers back then, I saw a niche to fill. As a creative person passionate about photography, fashion, and writing, the blog became my ideal outlet.

What led me to become a full-time fashion blogger?

It was a blend of hard work, seizing opportunities, and perfect timing. After six years in sales and marketing, I craved a change. Opting for voluntary redundancy, I spent a summer dedicating my days to the blog and fell in love with it.

Being self-employed wasn’t my plan, but a friend’s suggestion and favorable circumstances encouraged me to make the leap. I did some side work, offering social media and marketing services, until finding my rhythm. Since 2015, I’ve been a full-time blogger.

The stars aligned with redundancy money and my husband’s unwavering support, both emotionally and financially. While I may not match media portrayals of top bloggers’ earnings, my job satisfaction is sky-high. It’s all been worthwhile.

How can you make a living as a full-time blogger?

Earning money varies and isn’t consistent. My main income comes from brand collaborations, including video projects, photoshoots, and feature posts promoting products. Additionally, income can come from affiliate links, ad space sales, guest blogging, or writing for publications. Guest speaking at events and offering copywriting or social media services can also boost your earnings.

Who captures your photos?

My husband is usually behind the camera, except for rare instances when I use a tripod and remote. Although it’s been a while since I’ve done that, as it’s time-intensive. During our shoots, I guide him and convey the shots I’m aiming for. He’s not a professional photographer, but practice has greatly improved his skills in the past few years.